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See how CardUp can benefit you and your business

Utilise your credit card lines and free up cash

Leverage your pre-approved credit lines and billing cycles to free up more cash on hand, meeting your working capital needs.

Paulas Choice

Paula's Choice recommends using CardUp to optimise business cash flow

Jeremy Tan, Team Lead, Paula's Choice

"CardUp has a unique platform that helps optimise cash flow. There are many ways credit limits can be utilised properly especially in a small team to keep operations going smoothly. Great product, excellent service too. Would recommend!"

Dr Chong Chee Leong, Managing Director, Aviation Virtual

Aviation Virtual uses CardUp to augment working capital

Dr Chong, Managing Director, Aviation Virtual

"While my business only receives payments when project milestones are met, we still need to pay incurred expenses every month. Through CardUp, I’m able to minimise imminent cash flow gaps and keep my business running without disruption."

Benefits-Working Capital

Improve productivity with digitised payments

Managing your payments just got easier - turn hundreds of invoices into payments in seconds and see all past and upcoming payments on your own payments dashboard.

Nina, X0PA AI - Digitisation

X0PA AI uses CardUp to optimise working capital and digitise payable processes

Ms Nina Alag Sure, CEO , X0PA AI

"Through CardUp, I’m able to optimise working capital for my business at a flexible and affordable rate. It helps our business in timely processing payroll to employees and payments to suppliers."

Chew Kee - Digitisation

Chew Kee digitised their entire payments process with CardUp

Chew Kee Pte Ltd

“CardUp’s platform has allowed me to shift my entire payment flow from physical invoices to the cloud. My team is now able to collaborate and work together seamlessly, as well as get a consolidated view of our business spend on our credit card statement each month."


Earn more rewards on your business expenses

Shift your non-card payments such as rent and payroll onto your credit cards with CardUp, earning card rewards on overheads you are already paying for.

Michael Finn, THE FIFTH COLLECTION - Rewards

Earn air miles on your business expenses like THE FIFTH COLLECTION

Michael Finn, Director, THE FIFTH COLLECTION

“We were previously paying a significant number of monthly business expenses and suppliers by bank transfer. With CardUp, we’ve been able to convert most of these payments into credit card charges, capturing the miles on these payments to reduce overall travel expenses for our business.”


Collect card payments with no hassle or fees

Start accepting card payments for your business with no transaction fees or setup required - get paid faster, reduce late payments and simplify collections.

Etonhouse logo

Etonhouse International Schools use CardUp to streamline payments

Pang Shi Kang, Financial Controller

"The rollout of CardUp Collect has saved us time and resources in our collection and reconciliation processes. In addition, we now offer parents another preferred and more rewarding way to pay their children’s school fees!"

Brice Derouet, Head of Finance, Hmlet

Hmlet fully automated their receivables by using CardUp with Xero

Brice Derouet, Head of Finance, Hmlet

"CardUp allows us to offer our members card payments as an option and to reconcile receivables in our accounting software automatically. We are now implementing CardUp in different countries across Hmlet Group. I highly recommend CardUp for any business looking for automation and scalability."

Junxian, Moovaz - Collect

Moovaz enjoys seamless reconciliation of their receivables with CardUp

Junxian Lee, CEO & Co-Founder, Moovaz

"CardUp Collect allows us to offer credit card payments as an option to our customers. The payments are then deposited directly into our company bank accounts on a per-transaction level, and automatically reconciled on our integrated Xero accounts. Best of all, it’s free and easy to set up!"

Lionel, YouPrint - Collect

YouPrint saves over 70% of time chasing payments with CardUp Collect

Lionel Lim, Account Manager, YouPrint

"Using CardUp Collect has saved me time chasing payments each month - especially for smaller invoices which can get very inefficient. My clients also enjoy paying with their credit cards. This helps with faster sales closing, and with automatic reconciliation, makes it a breeze!"