Head of Risk and Compliance


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Job description & requirements


You’ll be at the forefront of CardUp’s expansion, responsible for implementing and maintaining innovative processes and controls to ensure the business scales compliantly. You’ll build trust with customers, partners and regulators through the creation and implementation of risk and compliance standards and set the tone for CardUp’s compliance culture. You’re comfortable working in a fast paced environment, building a function from a blank state as pre-packaged solutions may not be an option.


  • Establish and execute world-class regulatory architecture, compliance and enterprise risk programmes, to include Business Continuity plans, Control Self-Assessment (“CSA”) frameworks and Cyber security risk (alongside the CTO).
  • Advise senior management on risk and governance requirements across APAC.
  • Build out a compliance and risk team and seamlessly operate the day to day across KYC/KYB, AML, CFT, fraud investigations etc.
  • Lead training sessions to ensure the team are well informed on regulatory and risk matters and can act as the first line of defence.
  • Assess and monitor risk exposures on an ongoing basis across product and operations and provide guidance on the technical implementation of compliance related solutions and features.
  • Verify that all company and regulatory policies and procedures have been documented, implemented, communicated, and are continuously adhered to and kept up to date. 
  • Plan and lead policy and compliance audits regionally, including running an effective annual internal audit programme.
  • Use your deep understanding of chargeback management to manage disputes and find resolutions, working closely with our payment processing partners.
  • Keep informed regarding pending industry changes, trends and best practices and assess the potential impact of these changes on organizational processes.
  • Manage our regulatory relationship and reporting with the relevant regional regulators (particularly MAS) as well as all regulatory licence applications.



  • 8+ years of regulatory and risk management experience in the financial services, payments, or fintech industry.
  • Strong academic background and relevant industry certifications. 
  • Conceptual skills including qualitative and quantitative methods for risk management with an understanding of ERM and CSA frameworks
  • Strong understanding of MAS regulatory frameworks and decision-making processes as well as the compliance requirements for payments companies
  • An established track record in managing operational risk and risk relationships with financial partners. 
  • Knowledge of MAS regulatory requirements (AML, Payments Oversight Act etc).
    Interest in new technologies and how they can make compliance more efficient is a must. 


Required Skills

  • Compliance
  • Operations
  • Risk Manangement
  • Risk Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
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