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Pay virtually any business expense with Elevate on CardUp

Use your approved credit line to pay anyone with a bank account, even where cards are not accepted.

Elevate Virtual Card by Funding Societies

Pay multiple business expenses with a card

Pay rent


Pay payroll


Pay supplier invoice

Supplier Invoice

Pay corporate taxes

Corporate Taxes

Pay insurance


Pay car loan

Car Loan

Pay season parking

Season Parking

Pay electricity bill


Pay stamp duty

Stamp duty

Pay condominium fees

MCST fees

and more...

Why use CardUp for your business expenses?

Cash on hand

Optimise cash on hand

Free up more cash on hand to better manage your working capital. Extend your payables by up to 55 days when you use your credit limit to pay all your expenses

Digitise your physical invoice and automate payments to save time

Digitise and automate

Save up to 50% of your time by easily automating your payables with our invoice tools. No training or tech skills required.

Pay globally by credit card

Pay internationally

Pay international suppliers using your credit card at the cheapest rates. Never worry about hidden fees.

Illustration of man holding invoice, with credit card helping to generate more cash into bank

How does using your Elevate card free up cash on hand?

Receive invoice

Sam receives an invoice from his supplier

Pay recipient

He charges the invoice amount to his Elevate card via CardUp, and his supplier receives the payment on time via a bank transfer

Delay payment

His Elevate statement arrives at the start of the next month. Sam pays off his statement when it is due, extending his invoice payment terms by up to 55 days, interest-free and earn cashback!

*CardUp charges a processing fee of as low as 1.3% (u.p. 2.6%) to enable payments in places where cards are not accepted. To enjoy the discounted 1.3% fee, click here.

Promotion for Elevate users

Enjoy discounted processing fees on every transaction

All payment types
1.3% (u.p. 2.6%)
  • Use code ELEVATENEW
  • Up to S$10,000
  • Locally-issued Elevate card
  • First Elevate Payment on CardUp
  • Additional special offers available (see below)
All payment types
1.8% (u.p. 2.6%)
  • Use code ELEVATE18
  • No limit on spend
  • Locally-issued Elevate card
  • New and existing users
  • All payment types

Additional Special Offers

To sweeten the deal, we'll give you two extra bonus offers when you use your Elevate card on CardUp in December 2022 (limited time offer)...

FSMK Elevate nespresso Q4 2022

Nespresso Machine

Get a free Nespresso machine when you sign up for Elevate in December 2022.

FSMK CU 1.3% B2C offer Q4 2022

Double the Discount

Make your first payment in December 2022, and get a second promo code for January 2023.

Get started in less than 10 minutes

1. Create your account

Sign up for an account and upload your personal and company details.

View full instructions here.

2. Setup your payment

Input your recipient's payment details, your Elevate card details and apply the promo code.

View full instructions here.

3. Enjoy the convenience

Your card will be charged and your recipient will receive the payment via bank transfer within 3 business days.

View FAQs here