Collect digital payments with flexibility on who pays the fee

Collecting payments on CardUp starts from 0%. There are no gateway or setup fees to get started.

Collect business payments

from 0%

per transaction

✔️ Up to 2.6% fee per transaction
✔️ Can be passed on yo your customers
✔️ No setup fees
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Make business payments

from 0.8%

per transaction

✔️ All major cards accepted
✔️ No setup fees
✔️ Pay for what you use
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Decide who pays the fee

Business do not pay fee icon
0% for your business

Your business pays no transaction fees for collecting payments by credit card. Instead, your customers pay the fee in return for the convenience and benefits of paying by their cards.

Customers do not pay fee icon
Up to 2.6% for your business

Your business pays up to 2.6% fee per transaction for collecting card payments. This enables you to collect payments faster by offering a free, additional payment option for your customers.

Fee split icon
Split it any way you want

You can also choose to split the 2.6% fee any way you want between your business and your customers. Enjoy truly flexible pricing when you collect payments with CardUp

Frequently Asked Questions

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