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Enhance your F&B operations and improve working capital with CardUp

Pay salaries, supplier invoices, rent and more with your credit card

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Why use CardUp for your F&B business?

Cash on hand

Keep more cash on hand

Use your credit card to access interest-free capital that's 68% cheaper than loans and defer payments for up to 2 months.

Digitise your physical invoice and automate payments to save time

Digitise and automate

Save up to 50% of your time by easily automating your payables with our invoice tools. No training or tech skills required.

Enjoy the gift of more rewards

Earn rewards

Earn up to 5% cashback or 1.6 miles per dollar on business expenses you're already paying for.

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"CardUp lets me put these payments onto my credit card, improving my cashflow so there is less bottom-line pressure. This lets me save on operational costs and focus on opening more outlets." 

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"One of the exciting outcomes upon using CardUp is that our cashflow is positively enhanced. The solution is direct and easy to understand, and gets us more value out of our supplier payments." 

Pay virtually any business expense by card

Transform the way you pay - shift these payments onto your card and make full use of your pre-approved credit line

Pay rent


Pay payroll


Pay supplier invoice

Supplier Invoice

Pay corporate taxes

Corporate Taxes

Pay insurance


Pay car loan

Car Loan

Pay season parking

Season Parking

Pay electricity bill


Pay stamp duty

Stamp duty

Pay condominium fees

MCST fees


Get paid faster

Give your customers a convenient way to pay with their credit line, helping them pay you faster with less manpower spent chasing payments. 

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Simplify receivables management 

Reduce resources needed to process cheque and cash payments with funds deposited into your bank account. Get full visibility on all past and future payments for easier reconciliation. 


Offer your customers their preferred payment choice

Let customers enjoy the convenience and rewards of using their credit cards, giving more reason to work with you. 


More features to change the way you pay

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Bulk invoicing

Scan, upload and pay invoices in bulk in just a few clicks

Pay using credit card within next day

Next day payments

Pay your invoices in as quickly as one business day

Add team member and assign roles

Team management

Assign roles to different team members

View all payments on one online dashboard

Dashboard monitoring

See all past and upcoming scheduled payments on one page

Get real-time updates easily

Real-time updates

Receive payment status updates and alerts via email and SMS

CardUp can easily connect to your accounting platforms and fit well like a puzzle


Seamlessly connect with your other platforms such as SAP Concur