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Best exchange rates and transfer fees to pay overseas 

Why pay more when you can pay less? Enjoy real market exchange rates with no hidden markup and lower transfer fees 

1 USD = 1.3718 SGD Market exchange rate
SGD 344,320.07 Amount we will convert

SGD 1,102.69 Conversion fee
SGD 20.00 SWIFT fee
SGD 344,320.07 Amount you send

SGD 8,814.59 Fee waived
About our rates and fees

🎁  Calculate your rewards - The total amount payable is eligible for card rewards (i.e. miles, cashback, or points)

💳  Low card fee from 1.4% (much lower than other remittance providers)

 🏦 Zero processing fee for bank transfer option

Enjoy over 76% lower cost compared to others

Here's how much it costs to pay a 50,000 USD invoice

Cheapest way to pay overseas, send money oversea | cheapest exchange rates | Cheapest transfer fees
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  1. Exchange rates as of 11 August 2022. View the updated rates on our calculator above.
  2. The credit card above earns miles at 1.5 miles per dollar. Rewards are also earned on the CardUp fee.
  3. The reduced conversion fee offer for bank transfers is valid until 31 December 2023
  4. We ensure that all associated fees are presented upfront to you - no hidden markups or fees.

Rewards beyond borders

SGD to USD, MYR, HKD, INR, IDR - Be wise with the lowest in market rates on CardUp

Low rates and fees

Best exchange rates for USD, EUR, GBP & more. Plus, no fees by bank transfer or extra low fees by card

Be wise when sending money overseas | fast and secure oversea transfer

Transparent and secure

See breakdown costs presented upfront - no hidden markup. Platform has bank-standard security.

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Limitless card benefits

Fly beyond with earned miles or get cashback savings with your credit card. Plus, pay only when your card bill is due almost 2 months later.

Better than wise | cheaper than wise | pay overseas

Track all at one place

Never lose sight of your payments, no matter how far. View all past and upcoming local and overseas payments in one dashboard.

Global payments made rewarding
Have your own personal overseas payments to make? Learn more >

Best exchange rate and much lower transfer cost

Why pay more when you can pay less?

Pay with real market exchange rates (no hidden markup) and fees that are over 76% cheaper than banks and other remittance providers. 

Pay USD, GBP, EUR, HKD, JPY, CNY overseas at lowest fx rates
Most transparent, honest and trustworthy oversea transfer platform to make international payments

Complete transparency to save your time and money

No hidden markup or fees. All charges are presented upfront so you will know exactly what you are paying for.

Pay by credit card at the lowest card fee

Unlock the full benefits of your credit card – whether it is to rack up air miles for your next trip or earn cashback savings. You'll also get to defer payments by up to 2 months for better cash flow.

Earn miles when you pay international business payments via CardUp
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  • New users: 1.3% (2.6%) CardUp fee for credit card payments 
  • All users: 0% CardUp fees and reduced conversion fee for bank transfer

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Get started and pay abroad

in less than 10 minutes

cross border payment | international money transfer | HKD, USD, INR, EUR, GBP, AUD
1. Get started

Sign up for a free account and verify your identity in less than 3 minutes with CorpPass.

2. Set up payment

Create a Supplier payment, enter the payment amount and recipient's bank details, and attach your invoice.

3. Select payment method

Choose credit card or bank transfer and hit "Create Payment". It is really that simple!

Start paying around the world by credit card

at low rates, even where cards are not accepted

Make payments to 70+ countries...

dz  Algeria

ad  Andorra

ao  Angola

ai  Anguilla

 ar Argentina

am  Armenia

aw  Aruba

au  Australia

at  Austria

az  Azerbaijan

bh  Bahrain

bd  Bangladesh

be  Belgium

bo  Bolivia

ba  Bosnia and Herzegovina

br  Brazil

vg  British Virgin Islands

bg  Bulgaria

kh  Cambodia

Canada-1  Canada

cl  Chile

China  China

co  Colombia

cr  Costa Rica

hr  Croatia

cy  Cyprus

cz  Czech Republic

dk  Denmark

 dm  Dominica

do  Dominican Republic

tl East Timor

ec  Ecuador

eg  Egypt

ee  Estonia

fo  Faroe Islands

fj  Fiji

fi  Finland

fr  France

fr  French Guiana

pf  French Polynesia

tf  French Southern Territories

ge  Georgia

de  Germany

gr  Greece

gl  Greenland

gd  Grenada

gg  Guernsey

gy  Guyana

hn  Honduras

hk  Hong Kong

hu  Hungary

is  Iceland

India  India

id  Indonesia

ie  Ireland

im  Isle of Man

il  Israel

Italy  Italy

jp  Japan

je  Jersey

kz  Kazakhstan

xk  Kosovo

kw  Kuwait

kg  Kyrgyzstan

lv  Latvia

li  Liechtenstein

lt  Lithuania

lu  Luxembourg

mk  Macedonia

Flag-Malaysia  Malaysia

mt  Maldives

mt  Malta

fr  Martinique

mu  Mauritius

yt  Mayotte

mx  Mexico

mc  Monaco

me  Montenegro

na  Namibia

np  Nepal

nl  Netherlands

nc  New Caledonia

nz  New Zealand

ng  Nigeria

bv-1  Norway

om  Oman

py  Paraguay

pe  Peru

ph  Philippines

pl  Poland

pt  Portugal

pr  Puerto Rico

qa  Qatar

fr  Reunion

ro  Romania

fr  Saint Barthelemy

lc  Saint Lucia

fr  Saint Martin

fr  Saint Pierre and Miquelon

sm  San Marino

sa  Saudi Arabia

rs  Serbia

sc  Seychelles

Singapore  Singapore

sk Slovakia

sl Slovenia

za South Africa

South Korea  South Korea

es  Spain

lk Sri Lanka

Sweden  Sweden

Switzerland  Switzerland

Taiwan  Taiwan

tj  Tajikistan

th  Thailand

tn  Tunisia

tr  Turkey

ae  United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom  United Kingdom

um  United States

uy  Uruguay

Vietnam  Vietnam

wf  Wallis and Futuna

zm Zambia 20+ currencies


aud  Australian dollar

bd  Bangladeshi taka

United Kingdom British pound

Canada-1 Canadian dollar

cny Chinese yuan

EU Euro

hk Hong Kong

India Indian rupee

idr Indonesian rupiah

il Israeli new shekel

jp Japanese yen

Flag-Malaysia Malaysian ringgit

mx Mexican peso

np Napalese rupee

nz New Zealand dollar

bv-1 Norwegian krone

php Philippine peso

South Korea South Korean won

Sweden Swedish krona

Switzerland Swiss franc

th Thai baht

tr Turkish lira

um  US dollar

Vietnam Vietnamese dong

Have questions about making international payments?

Whom can I pay internationally?

Currently, we support several types of overseas invoices like goods purchased, professional services, business expenses, technical services, consulting services etc.

All overseas invoices need to be paid for via the 'Supplier Payments' payment category in your CardUp account.

What credit cards are accepted?

What are the fees?

How does using my credit card free up my cash flow for 2 months?

Will I earn rewards on my credit card for payments made through CardUp?