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Turn life expenses into life experiences

Earn credit card rewards on your rent, insurance, income tax, mortgage loan and more via CardUp.

Couple paying rent, income tax and more on CardUp through their laptop

Pay virtually any of life's expenses by card

Earn miles, points and cashback on all these payment types traditionally not payable by card.

Pay rent and rental deposit

Rent and rental deposit

Pay education fees


Pay insurance


Pay condominium fees

Condo and MCST fees

Pay income tax

Income tax

Pay car loan

Car loan

Pay mortgage payment


Pay payroll


Pay stamp duty

Stamp duty

Pay season parking

Season parking

Supplier invoices

Supplier invoices

Pay property tax

Property tax

Over 500,000,000 air miles already earned by our customers

"We pay our rent, taxes and everything we can through CardUp, which maximises our credit card miles. This has helped us with our many vacations including to Iceland and back!"


Barry and Laura
Uses CardUp for rent and income taxes

"I've scheduled my child's school fees and my ongoing car loan onto my favourite cashback credit cards using CardUp. Now, I'm able to get additional savings automatically each month!"


Jonathan Tan
Uses CardUp for education fees and car loan

"Skiing with our kids was the highlight of our year. We used the reward miles earned to fly to Switzerland, all thanks to CardUp!"

Ashley O Reilly

The O'Reilly Family
Uses CardUp for rent and taxes

Illustration of people celebrating rewards with their credit card

How many air miles can you earn?


Nick uses his credit card on CardUp to pay his income tax and insurance amounting to S$65,760 yearly


His card rewards him with 1.4 miles per dollar spent, earning him 94,135 miles for these payments


Nick is able to take off on a business class flight to Tokyo worth $4,000 at only $1,480 in CardUp fees* - that's 63% in savings!

* CardUp charges a processing fee per transaction to enable card payment in areas cards are not accepted. You can utilize the offer below to enjoy your first payment for free!

All payments made through CardUp are eligible for the base rewards on most credit cards, no matter the payment type you are making.

🎉 Get 1st payment free

Sign up for a free CardUp account to enjoy these offers

Use promo code


to enjoy $30 off* the CardUp fee (u.p. 2.6%) for any personal payment - that's a free payment of over $1,150

Use promo code


to enjoy $150 off* the CardUp fee (u.p. 2.6%) for any business payment^ - that's a free payment of over $5,760

*Valid on first payment with Visa, Mastercard or China UnionPay credit card. See the full T&Cs for SETHISFY and SETHIFYBIZ here.
^Business payments can only be made in a CardUp Business account

How to pay and earn rewards

Review payment details and final payment amount, and pay with your credit card
1. Set up a payment

Sign up for a free account and enter the payment, recipient details, and promo code. You can pay anyone, even if they don't use CardUp.

Pay using your credit card through CardUp, and CardUp transfer the payment to recipient via bank transfer
2. Recipient gets paid

The payment is charged directly to your card with a small CardUp fee. Your recipient receives the funds via bank transfer in as quickly as one business day.

Enjoy cash back into bank, and credit card miles for next flight
3. Rack up your rewards

Sit back, relax and earn the rewards on your favourite credit cards from these payments. Here's to more miles, points and cashback!

CardUp supports cards from all major banks and issuers

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Have questions about using our platform?

How will payments made by CardUp appear on the recipient's bank statement?

Will I earn rewards on my credit card for payments made through CardUp?

How will the rewards earned outweigh the CardUp fee?

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Maximise your credit card rewards today

Join the thousands of customers who have processed rewarding payments with CardUp