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Transform the way you pay and get paid

CardUp's no-code platform helps businesses improve cash flow, save time and automate finance processes.
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What is CardUp?

Payment dashboard viewed through laptop, payment made page viewed through phone
All-in-one payment platform

Be it making a domestic or international payment, or collecting payment from your customers, easily manage everything on one platform.

Pay and get paid digitally and with a credit card
Better cash management

Collect payments faster to improve the inflow of cash. Defer the outflow payables by shifting them onto your card. More cash, more growth.

Automate your payment, focus on more important business operations
Productivity suite

Take advantage of easy-to-use features to minimise manual labour and maximise your time. You'll finally be able to automate your payment processes.

Pay virtually any business expense by card

Transform the way you pay - shift these payments onto your card and make full use of your pre-approved credit line

Pay rent


Pay payroll


Pay supplier invoice

Supplier Invoice

Pay corporate taxes

Corporate Taxes

Pay insurance


Pay car loan

Car Loan

Pay season parking

Season Parking

Pay electricity bill


Pay Renovation


Pay condominium fees

MCST fees

Why use CardUp for your business payments & collections?

A better payment solution

When making payments

You get to enjoy these benefits

  • Optimise cash flow by extending payables up to 2 months. More cash on hand for business growth.

  • Access interest-free capital at rates 68% cheaper than SME financing loans

  • Earn credit card rewards like air miles and cashback on all payments on CardUp
Discounted pricing

When collecting payments

You get to enjoy these benefits

  • Easily reconcile all credit card and PayNow payments on a single dashboard

  • Reduce time wasted chasing payments by setting up automated payment reminders

  • Receive funds directly deposited into bank account - no need for a merchant account

How much does it cost to use CardUp?

There is no subscription or set up cost. You simply pay as you go – per transaction. 

Collect PayNow payments with CardUp
Make and  Collect Visa payments with CardUp
Make and  Collect Mastercard payments with CardUp
Make and Collect American Express payments with CardUp
Make and Collect UnionPay payments with CardUp

Make business payments

from 1.3%
  • All major credit cards accepted
  • Pay for what you use
  • Lower fees available for corporate cards

Collect business payments

1% fees
  • Accept payments via card and PayNow
  • Control who pays the transaction fee
  • Money directly deposited to your bank

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Need a business credit card?
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How it works when you make a payment

Review payment details and final payment amount, and pay with your credit card
1. Set up a payment

Sign up for a free account and enter the payment and recipient details. You can pay anyone, even if they don't use CardUp.

Pay using your credit card through CardUp, and CardUp transfer the payment to recipient via bank transfer
2. Recipient gets paid

The payment is charged directly to your card with a small CardUp fee. Your recipient receives the funds via bank transfer in as quickly as one business day.

Enjoy cash back into bank, and credit card miles for next flight
3. Rack up your rewards

Sit back, relax and earn the rewards on your favourite credit cards from these payments. Here's to more miles, points and cashback!

Join the thousands of businesses who already trust CardUp

Portrait image of Michael Finn, The Fifth Collection

"With CardUp, we've been able to capture the miles on our business payments to reduce overall travel expenses for our business."

Michael Finn
Director | The Fifth Collection

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"CardUp's unique platform helps optimise cash flow, especially in a small team to keep operations going smoothly."

Jeremy Tan
Team Lead | Paula's Choice

Portrait of Dr Chong, Aviation Virtual

"With CardUp, I’m able to minimise cash flow gaps and keep my business running without disruption.'

Dr Chong
Managing Director | Aviation Virtual

Portrait of Nina Alag Sure, X0PA AI

"I'm now able to optimise working capital for my business at a flexible and affordable rate. It also helps us process our payments timely."

Nina Alag Sure

Chew Kee Pte Ltd Logo

"With CardUp, my team is now able to collaborate and get a consolidated view of our business spend each month."

Chew Kee Pte Ltd
Finance Lead

Portrait of Jerrold Quek, Far Ocean Group

"A clear value-add is the ability to access interest-free credit to help drive working capital needs for large recurring business. This has been pivotal in helping drive healthy working capital ratios."

Jerrold Quek
Chief Operating Officer | Far Ocean Group

Crowd Pte Ltd Logo

"CardUp is a good platform for me to utilise my credit limit to ease my cashflow, earn reward points and get additional timeline for my supplier payments."

Lenny Lim
Director | Crowd Pte Ltd

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