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  • CardUp accepts all major credit cards

CardUp lets you pay your invoices on time, while you extend
your payment terms by up to 58 days, interest-free

Invoice with 30 days

Jason receives an invoice from his supplier with a 30-day payment term

Charges invoice to credit card

He charges the invoice amount to his credit card via CardUp, and his supplier receives the payment on time via a bank transfer

Statement arrives

His credit card statement arrives at the start of the next month, and his bill due date is up to 30 days later

Leverages period

Jason pays off this bill when it's due, leveraging this interest-free period and extending his invoice payment terms by up to 58 days, interest-free!

Join the thousands of businesses already using CardUp to optimise working capital


Simple pricing

From just 1.9% fee per transaction.

Here’s how the value you get from CardUp can easily outweigh this fee:

+ 1.0% cashback

Corporate cards offer a cashback on your expenses of up to 1%. For personal credit cards, you can earn even more with up to 5% cashback or 1.6 miles per dollar spent

+ 0.2% return on investments

By freeing up cash on hand, more funds can be used for investments, bringing in returns over time

+ 1.0% early payment discounts

Negotiate a discount with your suppliers for paying your invoices on time

Total: + 0.3% Potential Net Benefit

CardUp makes it easy to free up cash using your
credit card lines

  • 1

    Set Up Payment

    Create a free account and enter your payment details. Payments can be made in advance, or on recurring schedules.

  • 2

    Credit card charged

    CardUp charges your card plus a CardUp fee three business days before your payment due date.

  • 3

    Recipient gets paid

    Your recipient receives the funds by bank transfer, without the need to register with CardUp.

  • 4

    You pay back later

    While your recipient has already received your payment on time, you only pay when your next credit card bill is due.


More features that users love

Flexible schedule

Flexible schedule

Set up one-off payments or schedule them in advance, or even on a recurring schedule

Dashboard view

Dashboard view

Monitor all past and upcoming payments on your personal dashboard

Real-time updates

Real-time updates

Receive real-time payment status updates via email and SMS

Simple pricing

Simple pricing

From 1.9% fee per transaction, with no separate set up fee

Bulk Upload

Bulk upload

Turn hundreds of invoices into payments within seconds via bulk upload

Next-day payment

Next-day payment

Pay your recipient in one business day for urgent payments, at a nominal fee

Team management

Team management

Collaborate better with customisable rights to view, edit and approve payments

Reliable support

Reliable support

Get professional phone and email support from our team to help you in every step

There is more to using CardUp:


Maximise your card rewards

Earn up to 5% cashback or 1.6 miles per dollar on your card with CardUp


Digitise and automate your payments

Remove cheque and cash payments, save time and simplify your payment processes


Accept card payments for your business

Let your customers pay by card with no fees or hassle for your business